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Helping professionals save time and resources with smart automations & remote monitoring and control.


Smart Sensors & Devices

Develop an ecosystem with our wide range of sensors and devices  that does all the hard work for you and notifies you whenever there is an emergency or fault in your processes. 

Custom Solutions

Would you like something tailored to your needs? Our experts can customize our apps and devices to meet your business needs or design a new one from scratch.



A is for Agriculture


B is for Buildings


I is for Industrial


Our most advanced all-in-one controller!
Be there… even when you are not!

Remote monitoring
Log all the data for further analysis
Control remotely your devices
Scheduled on/off actions
Live updates and notifications
Custom features upon request

Our Vision

Automation has changed many things in our lives and it keeps on getting better and better. With smarter and more reliable  systems we start putting our trust more and more on these devices so that we don’t have to waste our time and money on repetitive and mundane tasks. Using the latest advances of technology we are also able to switch to alternative power sources and methods so that we can create a greener more sustainable future for us and our families. Join us in this journey. 

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